History of Compliments

I have become very committed to giving compliments.  I have always naturally given compliments to everyone I meet.  My natural instinct tells me to look for something great about each person I meet and focus on each persons uniqueness. I believe uniqueness is greatness.

I first gave compliments in a public place back in Ashville, North Carolina in 2011 using an amplifier. I originally was performing stand up comedy than suddenly started giving fun sincere compliments. It was a blast of fun. I was approached by a police officer that kindly asked if I could turn the amp down a few notches which I did. He mentioned 1 person said I was too loud. He was very polite and treated me like a human being. I continued for many hours during a brisk fall afternoon.

Some time had passed before I’d realize I’d be changing into a full  time compliment guy. Changes have been made as I have now adapted a fun costume sporting my original 1 of a kind mirror hat, I have also built a megaphone cart to roll around and give compliments. (see Picture Below) Photo by Truitt Ray

The new Compliments bike and trailer setup.
The new Compliments bike and trailer setup.

My enthusiasm for giving compliments sparked me to do some research, I asked myself , “I wonder if anyone else is doing this?” I found 2 other records of compliment guys which I have highlighted as links below. Neither are active now, So apparently, I’m the only full time compliment man/guy in the country and maybe the world.

The first man was an off and on again homeless man named Ron aka Compliments Man. More than 14 years this man everyday gave genuine compliments for hours a day in Washington, DC. No one has seen him in years and he is dearly missed.

The video link above showed his genuine personality and never asked for money.  I’m with him 100% on not asking for money. The smiles, happiness and spark in ones eyes are worth more than money. The value of seeing people happy is worth more than any treasure. Money is energy and sometimes people hand me money and say I Love what you do, please never stop.

I have had people ask me how much for a compliment? “All compliments are free,” I said. People ask me back, Why do you do this? “I do it for the smiles” I said.

The next link is 2 college guys from Purdue University that gave compliments as a team every Wednesday for a couple years. They were known as the compliment guys. They graduated and went on to careers in totally different fields.