Alien Sounds + Alien Speaks + Lucid Light

I'm liking reflections.
I’m liking reflections.

Some catch up stories.

A moving being that looks like a man approaches me on South Congress in front of Allen boots as I’m giving compliments. He stops and says he is from outer space and is a friendly alien. He than requests if he can give a speech over my microphone. I ask if I may look at the speech first. I examine his speech and as I’m reading it he says he has not completed it and that he is a friendly alien.

I agree to hand over the microphone as he projects his speech to the many people walking around. The highlight of his speech was his exact words: ” do not worry humans, we are not here to hurt you and everything is going to be OK.”

Now that I have been enlightened from outer space several days pass and I’m taking a casual walk and run into 2 bright spirited beings as pictured above as a couple.  They’re happy to be part of my million smile project and ask if its OK if they make alien sounds as they hug me. They position themselves one directly in front of me and the other directly behind me and hug from opposite directions. It was a very unique hug for me and with the addition of alien sounds it simply was out of this world.

The same day I meet the beautiful woman pictured next to the couple above. We talked and she shared with me  about Lucid Light. We shared inspiring words. We hugged and her hug contained intense beautiful energy.  As I walked a way my heart seemed to briefly pause as I felt like tearing not in a sad way but a happy way.  I knew her in my mind and was grateful to embrace her beauty.

Check out her and her husbands website at: also check out The alien sound guys websites at: and The guy from outer space had no earthly information to access him perhaps because he was from outer space.